Welcome to The Holding…

This is the blog about our long time home  – farm, orchard and garden. A collection of written work, photos and journalling of my life here. It is written purely for my own pleasure and as The Holding  it’s self is undergoing considerable change this year – the house being in ‘surgery’, the veg garden I  started 25 years ago has been flattened and my sheep flock sold  – so am I undergoing the experience of starting again from the POV of having lived my dream here and being conscious that it isn’t over yet despite the radical changes I planned  – and those I just decided ‘were for the best’.

At first I had the sensation of being eradicated from my home, garden and farm – of leaving no trace which was unexpected but then I  realised the orchard I planted in 2000 is heavy with fruit, and kept tidy by our flock of geese and my horse and two ponies still graze here. Oh and the two hens – sole providers of our ‘egg mountain’…

Time for a change.

Time to change.

What’s next?



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